About Us

Here at Direcon, we aim to become a power tool for Clubhouse’s power users just like what Buffer did for Instagram or TweetDeck did for Twitter. Therefore, we only let our users to use Direcon if they are moderator in a room to avoid them performing activities that could be unwelcomed by Clubhouse.

The MVP version of Direcon is designed to solve the urgent problems of people who moderate rooms on Clubhouse like lack of insights about their rooms and limited moderation options.

We have already raised a seed round to grow our team- and be able to develop the features in our roadmap faster. With the upcoming features, we would like to accelerate influencer marketing being a thing for Clubhouse as well which we believe this will help on brands, Clubhouse influencers and Clubhouse itself on their growth.

Please keep in mind that the first version of Direcon has been built in just 3 weeks and this is just a beginning. Therefore, any feedback are welcomed but we have a strict rule when it comes to building a new feature; Direcon will never provide scam services like many other businesses do for other social media platforms.

Direcon might be a new company but we have been working and even traveling the world together for the last 3 years. We had up and downs, but never stopped building what we love. We are a 100% remote team who hates offices.
Buğra Kaan Ayaz
Batuhan Katırcı
Okan Uckun
Sush Burak Unver
Nejat Can Ünlü
Senior Frontend Developer
Volkan Şenol
Mehmet Delikaya
iOS & Android Developer
Kaan Kılıç
Frontend Developer